Another Easy Way to Add Jazzy Licks to Your Solos

Here’s a quick bluffers guide to adding some jazzy diminished scale licks to a blues or blues/ rock (or even an out & out rock) solo…

This is the kind of thing that can really get you noticed. I showed this little concept to one of my students who went to one of those “Guitar Weekends” at a country house hotel in the Lake District a few years ago. He came back & told me that he used it in a group jam session at the event on the Friday night & was the star of the whole weekend… He would walk into the bar on an evening & people were asking him to show them how he played “all that mad jazzy stuff”. He was only there as a student, but he was getting more requests for advice on how to play than the instructors who were there.

That’s a really great result for something which takes under 10 minutes to learn 😛

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