Lick of the Week No.4: A little bit of jazzy exoticness – playing “outside”

Welcome to the fourth in the series of my lick of the week feature. This week we’re looking at how to incorporate a little bit of jazziness to proceedings. The concept I’m dealing with is called “outside” playing. It’s explained fully in the video so I won’t go on too much about it here, except to say that you’re going to be playing some “wrong” notes in a way which will make them sound “right”.

It’s fair to say that licks like this sound most effective when used sparingly – think of them like a few drops of Tabasco which will liven up an otherwise mundane recipe. Use too much and it will become unpalatable – the same is true with these kind of licks. Drop one in every now and again & it will grab the listeners attention and turn a few heads. Do it too often and it becomes predictable and too dissonant for most listeners.

Anyway, here’s the lick:


I hope you enjoyed it and if you live on Teesside and would like some tailored one-to-one tuition in any style – beginner to advanced – then get in touch via my tuition website (see the link below).

Until next time… Have fun!


John Robson Guitar tuition

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