Lick of the Week No.7: Some Country-Style Chicken’ Pickin’

This week’s lick is firmly rooted in country music. Although, I regularly use licks based on this idea in blues, rock, jazz & many other genres. The basic idea behind this lick is the use of 6ths – basically taking two notes which happen to be six scale steps apart and pairing them up. This is all explained in the video, so I won’t go into too much detail here. However, just to prove that licks like this have their uses outside country music, here’s a snippet from a solo I played on one of my tunes from a couple of years ago. Take a listen to the way I ascend the neck at around seven seconds in – play that lick with a clean sound & it would suddenly start sounding all “Albert Lee”. So even if country isn’t your thing, don’t shy away from dropping a few of these kind of licks into your solos as it will add an extra dimension.


Until next time, Have Fun 🙂


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