John Robson…

Is a guitarist, musician & guitar teacher.

Loves playing rock, country, blues, jazz, prog-rock, funk, RnB & metal – sometimes in the same song.

Has played music for a living since the days of the cassette.

Lives in Redcar, north-east England, with his wife, dog, several guitars & a temperamental computer.

Loves a donner kebab & a tin or two of Carlsberg on a Friday night.

Listens to Gary Moore, Holst, Camel, Cannonball Adderley, Black Sabbath, Allan Holdsworth, Miles Davis & Elgar (among others).

Has been known to shout at the TV.

Had his 40th birthday recently… and his 47th even more recently.

Would love to emigrate to the 1970s

Has no idea about fashion.


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