An Open Letter To David Potts – Chief Executive Of Morrison’s Supermarket:

Dear Mr. Potts,

It’s no secret that times are hard, especially in the north east. The wife & I are getting by, but only just. In order to help out, her mum gives us a full card of Morrison’s saving stamps every now and again, & it really comes in useful.

We will usually take this card to the local branch, in Redcar, and buy the groceries we normally get from Morrison’s. This will typically come to around £30 – £50. The balance of the card (a full card adds up to £97) we get back in change, which I can then take to the other shops where I buy the rest of our weekly shop – there are some items that Morrison’s do not sell, and others that we prefer to get from elsewhere.

At least, that’s how it USED to be. No longer it seems. I took a full card up to Morrison’s today & put around £30 worth of items in my trolley. Get to the checkout & hand over the card, and what happens? The girl on the till informs me that the £30 worth of groceries I want to leave with is going to cost me the full £97 that’s on the card… you no longer give change.

Apparently, this is a new rule you’ve snuck in. It IS in the small print on the card & your staff did attempt to point this out. Unfortunately no-one had a magnifying glass to hand so I just had to take their word for it. Fair enough… it’s your prerogative to change the rules, but:

  • Nowhere in the branch was there a poster or notice that the rules had changed.

  • No-one informed my mother-in-law that the stamps she was buying for us had to be spent all in one go, and no change would be given.

  • The customer at the next checkout was being asked if they would like to buy any savings stamps as they were paying for their groceries – the till operator DID NOT explain the new rules as she was trying to sell her customer these stamps.

Does any of that seem like a good way to treat your customers? No, I didn’t think so either, which is why I walked out of the shop without any of the items I’d intended to purchase – there was NO WAY I was going to pay £97 for £30 worth of shopping. Would you?

Once I’ve cooled down a bit, I’m going to take the card back to the shop and buy £97 worth of non-perishable goods. Basically I’ll stock up with a years worth of bathroom cleaner, bog roll and fairy liquid etc., then I’m afraid that will be the last that Morrison’s see of me. There’s an Aldi, an ASDA, an Iceland and a Tesco in town who will be seeing more of me and my money in future.


John Robson.